Overfishing in Full View

Every year, boaters take to the ocean for recreational or commercial purposes, unaware of all the damage that is done on the ocean every day. Overfishing and marine pollution are some of the biggest problems jeopardizing the ocean ecosystems which we rely on for natural resources, climate control and other reasons. In January 2011, a commercial trawler in North Carolina accidentally netted around 4,000 Striped Bass. Due to fishing limits, the captain kept 50 Stripers and dumped the rest back into the ocean. While incidents like this are not often reported, there is reason to believe that overfishing is a common practice. Changes in fishing equipment and methods have also put a strain on our oceans. Fortunately, many activists such as the Pew Environment Group are working with the government and the National Marine Fisheries Service to put an end to overfishing and protect the ocean ecosystems. In the meantime, recreational and commercial boaters can help by increasing awareness of the situation and promoting environmental conservation.

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