Being Prepared for 2011 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has been in effect as of June 1st. Now is the time to be prepared! Proper storage and dockage for your boat is extremely important. No matter how attached you are are to your boat you should never under any circumstance, stay aboard during a hurricane. The best thing to do is to make arrangements to store your boat. When storing your boat during a hurricane, keep in mind the level of the storm and the sea level anticipated so you can know how high to store your boat. Another option is to moor your boat in a hurricane hole. These are deep and narrow coves surrounded by trees to block the strong winds. If these two options are not available, you can always store your boat at a marina or dock. But always make sure that the marina or dock offers reasonable shelter and is protected by a high sea wall. Use fenders to protect your boat from any collisions. Do not put excess fuel in your boat. Do not forget to automatically set your bilge pump and open cockpit drains. Shut and seal all openings such as hatches, windows, doors and vents with duct tape. Lastly, remember to cut off shore power to your boat.

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