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Most Popular Alumacraft Boat Models
1032 160 Fisherman MV 1448
1036 1648 Jon Boat MV 1648
1232 1860 T12V
1236 195 Invader T14V
1432 Classic 165 CS Tournament Pro 195
1436 Classic Camp 165 Tournament Sport 185
1442 NCS Crappie Jon Trophy 175
1448 Fisherman 145 CS Trophy 185
145 Fisherman Fisherman 160 CS Trophy 195
1542 Jon Boat V 14
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The Alumacraft boating company history started  in 1893 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The companies indirect founder, Eugene Tetzlaff was a blacksmith by trade and moved to the Minneapolis area to open an ironworks company. That company would later be called Flour City Ornamental Iron Company. The business flourished, staying afloat through World War II and the Great Depression. After World War II, the iron company was overstocked with aluminum and the idea of aluminum boats was born. In 1946, a rowboat was the first to be designed and built by the ironworks company beginning Alumacraft\\\'s history. In the years since the first rowboat was built, Alumacraft has designed and built many boat varieties including sporting boats, fishing boats, Jon boats, and bass boats.

Alumacraft sporting boats and fishing boats  include the Trophy, Tournament, Dominator, and Navigator series. Sports boats tend to be developed with sport in mind. Alumacraft fishing boats offer a walk through windshield to increase space and allow for easy movement from the front to back of the fishing boats. Professional fishing boats by Alumacraft are available from the Tournament series. Tournament fishing boats are equipped with walk through windshields, live wells, and ergonomic seating. Alumacraft fishing boats are also available with deluxe side consoles, tiller steering, center consoles, and traditional bass fishing boat styles.

Jon boats are a specialty of Alumacraft. Jon boats are available in side console all-welded, tillers all-welded, and riveted. Side console all-welded Jon boats are designed with low profile sides and ergonomic seating. Marketed under the MV series, Alumacraft side console all-welded Jon boats are available with two or four seats depending on model. Also marketed in the MV series is the tiller all-welded Alumacraft Jon boat. This design provides durability without the extras. Seating is available on the bow and stern of the boat and low profile sides are standard. Alumacraft riveted Jon Boats are lighter than all-welded varieties and come with an optional side console.

Alumacraft also carries a line of aluminum flat bottom canoes for outdoor sporting or cruising. The three available designs include the Lt. Cruiser, Cruiser, and Square Stern. Square stern Alumacraft canoes allow boaters to attach an optional motor.   

Alumacraft provides detailed design and performance specifications for all current models. Available information includes length, width, weight, hull, and capacity. Fishing boats and sporting boats also list motor horsepower, fuel tank capacity, hull thickness, and maximum capacity.

Performance tests are completed on many Alumacraft models with details published on the official Alumacraft website. Performance tests have been performed on Fisherman, Navigator, Tournament Sport, Classic, Crappie, Dominator and many others. Performance data is tested at varying RPMs typically ranging from 1000 RPM to 5500 RPM. At any given RPM, miles per hour, gallons per hour, and miles per gallon are recorded.

As the name suggests, Alumacraft specializes in manufacturing aluminum, freshwater fishing boats. The manufacturer claims to build quality boats using quality procedures and materials. They only use sturdy, marine ready aluminum, chrome fittings and handles, sturdy fasteners, smooth assembly, a hull cut out of a single piece of aluminum, and vibrant paint. The NMMA and CMMA approve of this company and have certified them.

Alumacraft makes several lines of boats. The notable representatives of each line include the Light Cruiser canoe (available in 15 ft, 17 ft, and 18 ft 5in models), the Tournament Sport 185, the Dominator 175, traditional bench seating boat, the MV 1860 AW Special, the Crappie Deluxe and the Waterfowler 16. This company has an impressive range of freshwater fishing boats. With such a wide variety of fishing boats available, you may find a boat to meet your needs.

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