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Alumacraft 1236

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The top states that sell the 1236 are: Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Washington, New Jersey, Missouri, Tennessee, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, California, New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Alabama and Minnesota.

The Alumacraft 1236 is one of those riveted Jon boats that may be very lightweight but are in reality tougher than the heavier models you find in other brands. The advantage of such boats is that they are very easy and convenient to load by hand and they are very durable, which means you can enjoy your Jon boat for years to come. That is what you get with Alumacraft’s 60 years of experience in manufacturing Jon boats. The Alumacraft 1236 is 12 feet in length and has a bottom width of 36 inches. The beam is 48 inches while the side height is 17 inches. The vessel’s transom height is 15 inches and runs on 15 horsepower. The approximate weight of the craft is 125 kilograms. The Alumacraft 1236 is able to accommodate 3 people while carrying 540 kg of load. The boat’s hull gauge is 0.053 inches. Alumacraft 1236 is classified as a flat bottom when talking about the hull type. The craft contains 5 ribs and has a center bench and seat. The Alumacraft 1236 is only available in olive drab green. Alumacraft has an entire line of riveted Jon boats of which the Alumacraft 1236 is included in. Other models that fit the bill are the Alumacraft 1036, Alumacraft 1436 lite, Alumacraft 1442 NCS, Alumacraft 1442 LW and the Alumacraft 1542. When it comes to design and sound construction, only Alumacraft can merge the sound qualities of a rugged vessel with that of the elegant nuances required for a comfortable trip on water.

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