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Alumacraft MV 1648

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The top states that sell the MV 1648 are: Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, Louisiana, Florida, California, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

A simple jon boat can do a lot of things that for the boater. There are lots of jon boats that are widely available in today’s market and choosing the right jon boat is not a simple task. If you are looking for a jon boat that is high in quality and superior in performance, look no further but only to the wide array of jon boats offered by the Alumacraft.

Alumacraft is a boat manufacturer that has been designing and producing different kinds of boats for more than 60 years. Their expertise and quality of the products made them a successful company in this field. One of the boat categories that they are producing is the jon boats. One of the popular models under this category is the MV 1648.

This particular jon boat is perfect for fishing and hunting since they can easily ride over the waves. This boat as well as other boats by Alumacraft is much lighter in weight than boats produced by other manufacturers making it easy to trail and set-up. This boat has a lot of features such as a spacious interior with adequate seating options. You can take your whole family for a fishing trip in the lake. There is also a lot of room for upgrade in this boat, just add a high-performing and reliable outboard motor and you are ready to go. Browse other jon boats offered by Alumacraft such as 1236, 1448, 1648 and MV 1648 NCS and find the right jon boat for you.

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