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Cary Marine is a line of luxury yachts whose quality is virtually unsurpassed. These boats were especially popular in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. It was at this point that Cary Marine boats seemed to disappear from the boating world. Many of their boats from these decades are still available for purchase as pre-owned boats from individuals.

Cary Marine has several models of luxury yachts. The Cary 45 is the smallest of the yachts, and it features two 650 HP BPM Italian V-12 Hemis. It is built for fun, and it still gives the comforts of the luxurious cabins that Cary Marine is known for. The Cary 50 is the midsized luxury yacht, and it offers comfort and speed with its twin 1000 HP engines. The Cary 70 is the largest Cary Marine luxury yacht, and it is extremely fast with its twin 1400 HP diesel engines. The flagship of Cary Marine is the Cary 70 Turbine, and Cary claims that it is both powerful and luxurious. They also have a few smaller high performance powerboats such as the 28’ Cary Sportfish, the 32’ Cary Open Cockpit Cuddy Cabin, and the 45’ Cary Cruiser, and the 45’ Cary Express.

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