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Century 2301 CC

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 The Century 2301 CC is a watercraft that was built for water adventure such as scuba diving and wake boarding. According to many reviews, this boat runs a total length of 23 feet and a wide beam that measures 8 feet and 6 inches. Based on this specification, the boat provides convenient amenities which you and your family will surely be amazed with. Like the other models, this boat stands with attractive hull that is fully made of strong high quality fiberglass materials. Aside from that, this boat also offers amusement amenities. Unlike Century 2200 WA, there is FM/CD player stereo that can add to your enjoyment.


The Century 2400 Inshore that comes with a net weight of 2,500 pounds and a wide beam of 8 feet and 6 inches. According to sources, this boat stands with a hull that is strongly constructed of high class fiberglass materials. This outboard boat features a high speed performance because it has single 250 horsepower gasoline engine. With a total length of 24 feet, this boat gives you wide and comfortable area especially fishing area. If you are fond of fishing, you don\'t have to worry because this boat also provides some fishing materials like fishing chairs and tackle boxes.


There is also the Century 2600 Walkaround that has an overall length of 26 feet and a wide beam that measures 8 feet and 9 inches. One boating expert said that this boat features a hull that is made of fiberglass materials. In addition, this outboard has a net weight of 4,250 pounds that makes the boat run faster than the other models. Also, this boat runs with single 250 horsepower gasoline engine.

The top states that sell the 2301 CC are: Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Missouri, New Jersey, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, California, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Alabama and South Carolina.

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