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180 SSI 236 SSI Signature 290
190 SSI 255 SSI Signature 300
196 SSI 2550 SX Signature 310
204 Xtreme 265 SSI Signature 350
206 SSI 275 SSI Signature 370
215 SSI 276 Ssx DB Sunesta 224
216 SSI Premier 400 Sunesta 244
220 SSI Signature 240 Sunesta 264
224 Xtreme Signature 250 Sunesta 284
226 SSI Signature 270  
230 SSI Signature 280  
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Chaparral is a boating company with more than 44 years of production and design experience. The first boat produced by the company was a 15‘ tri-hull design. Today, they include a 40‘ design that has earned the Boat of the Year award. Unlike other boat designers, Chaparral continues to design new models instead of basing new models on old designs with technology upgrades.

There are seven designs offered from Chaparral including cruisers, tow boats, sportdecks, sport boats and cuddies. The company even offers a sport yacht. Within each series there are several boat models with varying options and upgrades.

The SSi WT Sports Boat by Chaparral ranges in length from 19‘ to 22‘. Fuel tank capacity ranges from 25 gallons to 55 gallons with a maximum of 300 HP. The smallest sports boat model is the 186 SSi. This sports boat measure 19‘6“ and holds 25 gallons of fuel. Next in line is the 196 SSi measuring the same length as the 186 but holding 32 gallons of fuel. The 206 SSi is 20‘6“ with a maximum HP of 270. Fuel capacity on this sports boat is 35 gallons. the 216 SSi is a 21‘6“ boat carrying 40 gallons of fuel and reaching a maximum of 300 HP. The largest boat in the SSi series is the 226 SSi. At 22‘6“, the boat requires 55 gallons of fuel to max out at 300 HP.

Chaparral offers three SSi Cuddy Cabin designs - 275 SSi, 255 SSi and 215 SSi. The 215 SSi cuddy boat is the smallest at 22‘. The cuddy boat can hold 56 gallons of fuel and sleep two people. The midrange cuddy boat, 255 SSi, measure 26‘5“, holds 80 gallons of fuel and sleeps 2. Chaparral’s largest cuddy cabin boat is the 275 SSi. The boat sleeps 2 and holds 105 gallons of fuel. 

The SSX Sports Boat line from Chaparral measures 24‘1“, 26‘5“ and 28‘10“ for the 236 SSX, 256 SSX and 276 SSX respectively. This line of sports boats holds a maximum 105 gallons of fuel reaching 425 HP.

The Sunesta line of Sportdecks offer lengths of 22‘ to 28‘ with a maximum fuel capacity of 105 gallons and 425 HP. As is the case with all sports boats and sports deck boats offered by Chaparral, the boat design allows for bowrider style seating. 

The Xtreme Tow Boats by Chaparral offer strength on the water for watersports like skiing and wakeboarding. The line range in length from 20‘ to 26‘ with the largest model reaching 425 maximum HP with an 80 gallon fuel tank.

Signature Cruisers by Chaparral are designed for overnighting and sleeping on the open water. There are five boats in the Signature line - the 270, 290, 310, 350 and 370. These overnighting boats sleep between two and six people in staterooms and cabins. Boat lengths range from 27‘ to 37‘. 

The final boat offered by Chaparral is the Premiere Sports Yacht. The sports yacht is 42‘ in length and sleeps six. With a 300 gallon fuel tank, cruising into open water for the night and returning with plenty of fuel is not a problem. The Premiere Sport Yacht is built per order so final water weight is not available without a detailed list of options added by the buyer. 

Under each of the Chaparral series, there is a detailed breakdown of the specifications for each model. Specs are listed as standard and optional features. Optional features are added to sports boats, cuddies, sport decks and sports yachts designed for the buyer.

The boats range from cruisers, bowriders, and cuddy cabins to boats as lavish as sports yachts. The sports yachts have sky lights, swim decks, and plenty of seating and sleeping accommodations. Chaparral has a rich heritage of quality boats going back to the 1960s. The company has won dozens of awards over the years for their quality products including Boat of the Year several times. Not only do they manufacture excellent boats, they also offer a variety of gear for their clientele . They offer t-shirts, polos, jackets, hats, bags and more. Chaparral products integrate quality and style into their clothing as well as their boats. Prices range from around $50,000 to $60,000, depending on type and model, but there are many used Chaparral boats available for much less. Some of the much older boats even sell for around $200, although the newer used boats hover around $13,000. Chaparral guarantees quality in their products and offers their fantastic record of awards and certificates as proof of the excellence of their boats.

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