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Crestliner Angler 1400

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The top states that sell the Angler 1400 are: Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, Ohio, Washington, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina, California, Michigan, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Crestliner Boats made several boat models that are packed with high class system. They manufacture boats with durability and usability that come with finest materials. One of which is the Crestliner Angler 1400 which is manufactured in the years 2004 and 2005. It has an overall length of 14 feet and a beam of 6 foot 11 inch appropriate for 752 pounds. It simply means it can hold about three to four persons in just one ride. This boating system was classified as an outboard boat model which is perfectly constructed with a hull made from full fiberglass materials. According to some experts, this boating system has a wide coverage of folded hems and double stitched seams. The Angler 14 comes with many of the same features.

Along with this model, the Crestliner Muskie 550 has an overall length of 15 feet and a beam of 5 foot 8 inch which is nice for a net weight of 875 pounds. It indicates a good condition for accommodating at least four persons. This is an outboard boat model which is perfect for hull construction made from aluminum materials. This was manufactured from the year 1986 until 1990.

The Crestliner Muskie Pro 16 is another model that is made from the fine aluminum materials. This is great for an outboard boat model which is strongly constructed from hull. It has an overall length of 16 feet and a beam of 5 foot 8 inch which can hold up to 500 pounds. This could be enough for a simple cruise with your family. It was successfully produced from the year 1984 until 1990.

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