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Fountain 38 SFC

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Fountain Boats started their company with only 8 employees and now reached to more then 400 employees. They started in the industry in 1979 and located at bank of River Pamlico. It is having many models among them its V- Bottom boat 42 lightning is very famous. After so many models Fountain introduces its new series with the model Fountain 38 SFC which is from the sports fishing boats of the fountain. The total length of the model is 38 feet with the hull made up of fiberglass. It is having twin power engines of 310 HP each. The net weight of this boat is 15900 pounds and this is launched with the list price of $380400. One of the Major sellers of the Fountain Boats is Fountain 25 Center Console which is introduced in the market with the list price of $43242. Total length of this boat is 25 feet and it has a gasoline engine of 225 HP. Net weight of the model is 3700 pounds along with the beam size of 8 foot 2 inches.

With the total length of 27 feet Fountain introduces this Fountain 27 Fever in the market with the list price of $78631. The hull of this model is made up of the fiberglass and the beam size is 8 foot 4 inches. It is having twin gasoline engine of 330 HP each. Here comes the model Fountain 29 Center Console from the fountain boats with the list price of $69358. The net weight of this model is 4900 pounds along with the boat length of 29 feet. This is having twin gasoline engine of 225 HP each and the hull of this model is made up of the fiberglass.


The top states that sell the 38 SFC are: Ohio, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Louisiana, Minnesota, Delaware, Texas, California, Michigan, Alabama, South Carolina, Washington, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin.

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