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G3 Angler v170c

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G3 Boats is the company which is dealing in making fishing and the freshwater boats along with the wide range of the other products. One of its major selling series is the Eagle Mod-V. Its Pontoon boat is also one of the major sellers. The Sun Catcher series of Pontoon series is having about 23 models of its own. Total 17 feet long is the next model by the G3 boats that is G3 Boats Angler V170C. It is having a hull made up of aluminum and the beam of size 84 inches. It has a gasoline engine of 90 HP and the fuel capacity of 22 gallons.

The total length of 18 feet is owned by G3 Boats Angler V172, launched in the market. The introductory price of this model is $5090. It is having a hull made up of the aluminum and the gasoline engine of 115 HP. Total weight of this boat is 480 pounds and the beam size is 92 inches.

G3 boats one of the major seller is G3 boats 1548dk which is having total length of 15 feet and the having a gasoline engine of 40 HP. Total weight of this model is 420 pounds and the hull of this model is made up of the aluminum along with the beam size of 5 foot 10 inches. From the LW series of the G3 boats here is the G3 Boats 1544LW which is having a list price of the $999. Total length of this boat is 15 feet and the net weight of this is 218 pounds. There is hull made up of the aluminum and the beam size is 5 foot 4 inches.



The top states that sell the Angler v170c are: Washington, Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, New York, Florida and California.

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