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Arne Gray and George Woolridge started GW Invader in a garage in Sharpsville, Indiana in 1967. They originally produced a motor boat with the styling of a sport racing boat that came in lengths from 10 feet to 16 feet long. These were lightweight boats with a shallow draft and low profile. The draft was so shallow that the Invader’s with the Drag Ski Hull were considered extremely dangerous and the hull style was outlawed by the Coast Guard in 1971 after the Boating Industry Regulations went into effect. The hulls are still legal on the models prior to 1971. The hulls and decks were of a wood frame construction with a fiberglass overlay. The original boat line came in a wide range of colors and custom color combinations.

Arne sold his half of GW Invader to his partner George. George then in turn sold the company to a Robert Harmon in 1985. Harmon had been a General Motors executive with their electronics division before he took over GW Invader. In 1993 the company was moved from Sharpsville to Tipton, Indiana where they continued to produce runabouts and cruisers in lengths from 17 feet to 30 feet. The old-style two-seater, 10 foot runabouts were put back in to production in the early 1990s.


Used GW Invaders are harder to find for sale. On average a used mid-nineties model will run about $9,000 US.

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