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28 Express 35 Flybridge 42 Flybridge
28 Express Jet 35 Maine Coaster 42 Sportsfisherman
28 Express SF 38 El Bravo 44 Sportsfisherman
30 Express 38 Flybridge 50 Flybridge
35 Alaska CR 38 Sportsfisherman 50 Sportsfisherman
35 Express 42 Charter 51 SF
35 Express SF 42 Express  
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Henriques Yachts was founded in 1977 and they have been making high quality yachts ever since. Located in Bayville New Jersey, Henriques Yachts was founded by Jack Henriques who brings four generations of Portuguese boat building experience to the table. Henriques currently offers 9 models focusing on the sport fishing industry. The ample engine room and cockpits designed by Henrique Yachts are distinguishing features of their craftsmanship. They are the most spacious in the industry and are a real must have for sport fishing.  For example, their 50 foot model features a 210 square foot cockpit, a design that allows for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Ample reviews for Henriques vessels can be found on sport fishing review sites praising the lasting quality and loyal audience. Henriques craftsmanship and quality has kept them on the forefront of sport fishing vessels for over 30 years. Henriques’ Yachts are known not only for their quality but relative affordability as well. An example of this is their new stylish and tough 30 Express which finds a way to keep the creature comforts while also allowing for serious fishability - all for around $325,000. There are plenty of used Henriques Yachts for sale on various sites that sell new and used vessels priced from $800,000 to $200,000, depending on year and make.

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