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Most Popular Hurricane Boat Models
FD 170 GS 211 SD 2400 IO
FD 196 GS 231 SD 2400 OB
FD 198 GS 232 SD 260
FD 201 SD 1400 SD 2600 IO
FD 211 SD 187 SD 2700 OB
FD 216 RE3 SD 1900 OB SD217
FD 226 SD 195 SD237
FD 230 SD 2000 OB SS 188 OB
GS 170 SD 2100 OB SS 194 IO
GS 172 SD 2200 IO SS 194 OB
GS 201 SD 2200 OB SS 201 IO
GS 202 SD 2300 OB SS 201 OB
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The Nautic Global Group owns Hurricane Deck Boats. The company produces entertainment boats as pontoon boats, sundecks and deckboats. Currently, Hurricane Deck Boats carry three boat styles - Sundeck, Sundeck Sport and Fundeck.

The Sundeck is available in 11 models. Models vary on more than just length. Some are longer and others are wider offering a variety of styles to choose from in a deckboat. The SD 1900 OB is an outboard deckboat measuring 18‘10“. Standard equipment includes canvas canopy, bilge pump, fiberglass deck and stainless steel hardware. The SD 2100 OB and SD 2300 OB are based on the same design and standard features, but offer a bit more deck space in length.

The SD 2700 OB dual packs power with fun as it holds dual outboard engines. The deckboat measures 26‘2“ and maximum of 500 HP. This Hurricane deckboat is yacht certified for person capacity. The SD 2700 is also available in single engine. No real changes come in the Sundeck design until the SD 2200 I/O. This model does not use outboard motors for power. Inboard motors are hidden from view. The 2200 I/O measures 22‘8“ in length and can hold nine people. The SD 2400 and SD 2600 are also available with inboard motors. Outboard is not available on the SD 2600 though it is on the SD 2200 and SD 2400 deckboats by Hurricane.

The Sundeck Sport series is also referred to as the Fundeck GS. There are 13 models to choose from ranging in length widely. Some Sundeck Sport deckboats by Hurricane measure less than 17‘ and hold just six passengers. Other larger models measure 23‘2“ and hold up to 12 guests. Inboard and outboard motors are available on several models.

Fundeck deckboats by Hurricane is a pontoon deckboat line with nine designs. Each design varies in length, width and internal layout. All pontoon deckboats are powered with single outboard motors. The smallest Fundeck pontoon boat is the FD 196 OB. The pontoon boat measures 18‘10“ and holds nine people. Chaise lounge, cooler, in deck storage and under helm storage is available on all models. The largest Fundeck pontoon boat is the FD 236F OB. The Hurricane pontoon boat holds 12 people. Ski tow bar, rod storage, livewell and more are available on the Fundeck pontoon boat 236F OB.

Sundeck , Sundeck Sport and Fundeck models include standard and optional equipment. Some of the available options include seat covers, boat cover, washdowns with fresh or saltwater, grill and entertainment systems. Hurricane allows buyers to choose deckboat and pontoon boat color. Printable fact sheets are available on every Hurricane deckboat and pontoon boat model.

The Hurricane Boats have several different models to choose from, in three main groups: Sundeck, Sundeck Sport, and the Fundeck. The NGG also manufacturers pontoon boats—the Aqua Patio, the Sanpan, and the Parti Kraft—into addition to several other boat brands such as: Polar Kraft Aluminum Fishing Boats, Hurricane Deck Boats, and Rinker Cruisers and Sport Boats. The Sundeck boats come in 11 different model configurations, all with wrap around and walk through windshields and provide plenty of space for friends and family. The Sundeck Sport is a more sporty version of the Sundeck and also comes in 11 models. The Fundeck allows people to combine the features of a Sundeck with a Pontoon boat and comes in nine different models. Floor plans for each model are available online to help with the purchase planning process.Those who are interested in purchasing a Hurricane boat, either new or used, should contact their local dealer to find out more. An informational DVD and brochure can be requested online for those who are in the earliest stages of buying a boat.

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