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Most Popular Klamath Boat Models
10 Jac 15 APW 18 OSW
12 Deluxe 15 Jac Wide 19 GT Center Console
12 Jac 16 AKW 19 GTX
13 Jac Wide 16 Alaskan 8 Jac
14 Deluxe 16 EX Center Console Bayrunner Baja 17
14 Deluxe S 16 EXW Bayrunner Baja 19
14 Jac 18 Open Bayrunner Baja 21
15 Advantage 18 OPW Bayrunner Baja 23
15 Advantage S 18 OS Center Console Swimbait
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Klamath Boat Co. was started in the Klamath River region of California in 1947 and has been around ever since. They are especially known for their premium quality aluminum boats. Klamath Boats are carefully crafted in order to stand the test of time, structure, and even value. For over five decades, Klamath has continued to research and use the newest technological advancements in order to manufacture only the most quality boats on the market. Klamath boats are built using the highest graded marine alloys in the market. Klamath has chosen to use aluminum as their sole material for their boats for several different reasons. The marine alloys in Klamath boats are built to overcome any obstacle on the water, preventing constant repair. Aluminum is an exceptionally lightweight material, so maneuverability is quite easy in and out of the water. The combination of the lightweight aluminum and Klamath’s unique hull constructions thus allows the boat to be created using a smaller engine. Klamath boats begin at approximately $5,000 for a used one, and can range to at least $23,000 and up for a new one, depending on the make and model of the boat.

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