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A1257 R1455 RV190
A1457 R1655 Ss200
A1467 R1760CJ SS214
A1667 R1860CJ Stinger 170
F165 Roughneck 1448 Stinger 175
FM165 Roughneck 1752 Stinger 190
L1032 Roughneck 1756 Stinger 195
L1232 Roughneck 1860 Suncruiser SD190
L1436l Roughneck 1960 Suncruiser SD220
L1440m RV160 Suncruiser SD224
L1448mt RV170 Bay  
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The Lowe aluminum fishing boat company was founded in 1971. Along with aluminum fishing boats, the company also produced canoes. As the years passed, the company moved into the Suncruiser Pontoon business as well. Today there are currently five series of boat designed and manufactured by Lowe Boats. These are the Mod-V Series, Deep-V Series, Jon Series, Utility Series and Suncruiser Boat Series.

The Mod-V Series of Lowe Boats is an aluminum fishing line with a Mod-V hull. The Stinger Bass, Stinger Multi-Species and Skorpion Bass Special are the three boats listed under the Mod-V line. The Stinger Bass aluminum fishing boat comes standard with a 44“ livewell and rod locker. In-deck and under seat storage is available for tackle and other supplies. Fishermen have a choice of Mercury outboard motors when ordering the Mod-V Stringer Bass model. 

The Stinger Multi-Series offers the same standard features as the Stringer Bass model, but the rod storage locker is longer to accommodate fishing poles other than bass rods. This aluminum fishing boat comes with a 23 gallon livewell, Flow-Rite plumbing and movable pedestal fishing seats.

The final boat in the Mod-V series is the Skorpion Bass Special. The model comes with a wide deck, under seat storage and livewell. Options are available including canvas, colors, engine and trailer.

The Deep-V series is home to aluminum fishing boats with a Deep-V hull. The two models in the series are the Fishing Machine and Fish & Ski. The Fishing Machine comes with two livewells, side console steering, wireless trolling motor and rod storage locker. The deck is created from pressure treated plywood. The Fish & Ski offers a windshield, dual console and two livewells. Storage is hidden so the boat can be used for both fishing and watersports as needed.

The Jon Series of Lowe aluminum fishing boats includes the Roughneck and Lowe Jon. Jon boats are typically no-nonsense boats with few upgrades and frills. Storage boxes, rod locker and standard olive color are available on the Roughneck. There are 27 different models of Roughneck. Lowe Jon is a basic, aluminum fishing boat that utilizes an outboard motor.

The Utility Series of Lowe aluminum fishing boats is another no-nonsense model. Small models are painted acrylic tan while larger models come standard in white. The hulls are all-welded with heavy-duty transom knees.

The Suncruiser Pontoon series does not include aluminum fishing boats; rather pontoon boats created for family cruising and entertaining. Suncruiser comes in pontoon and deckboat models.

Specifications and details on each model include length, beam, bottom width, side depth, transom height and maximum weight capacity among other details. 

This all-purpose and family oriented boat gives you exquisite services that give you the experience you desire. With the boats engineered to be excellent fishing boats, you can enjoy a good time with your fully equipped boat.  Since its foundation, the company has led the aluminum boat market with its technology. Being an expert of boat manufacturing, Lowe Ind Boats offer series that continue to provide great facilities, according to reviews. For instance, the Lowe Ind Bass Striker offer the 170 Bass Striker model that you can afford for a comfortable price of just under $9,000. This outboard boat is constructed of aluminum, making it an ideal fishing boat for your trips. This helps you navigate through rough waters, keeping you safe. Another model of interest would be the Lowe Ind Stinger. Different models include the 160w Stinger and the 180w Stinger. With a price range of $8,000 to $11,000, this series becomes an affordable, yet durable boats that are ideal to have, according to reviews. You can also consider the Lowe Ind TR. The Tr200LP Trinidad was featured in a boating review and it was recommended for its suitable specifications. It has a length of 20 feet and an engine power of 60 HP.
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