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Lowe Stinger 190

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According to many reviews, the Lowe Ind Boats Stringer 190 is credited as one of the prominent fishing crafts in the boat industry. This boat offers the most advanced features tat can reach the taste and preference. One boating expert said that this boat is strongly made of professional water craftsmen. With great and sturdy constructions, this boat provides satisfaction services which allow you to experience the enjoyment while cruising.


Based on what one boating expert said, this boat runs with a total length of length of 18 feet and 8 inches and a wide beam of 7 feet and 1 inch. It has a hull that is strongly constructed of high quality aluminum materials.


There is also the Lowe Ind Boats R1760CJ that provides unique and comfortable cruising. One reason is this boat features wide facilities that come in a total length of 17 feet and a wide beam the measure 6 inches. According to many reviews, this boat runs with several fishing equipment such as fishing rods, tackle boxes, and fishing chairs and seats.


The Lowe Ind Boats R1655 is a fishing boat that comes with innovative features particularly for catching fishes. With a total length of 16 feet and a wide beam that measures 6 feet and 3 inches, this boat offers nice and wide facilities. One boating expert said that this boat has a net weight of 435 pounds that makes the boat provides high speed performance. In addition, this boat offers some fishing equipment such as fishing rods, downriggers, fish storages, and many more.


An additional boat model is the Lowe Ind Boats Ss200 that comes in a 20 feet and a beam that measures of 8 feet and 6 inches. This boat runs with a net weight of 1,575 pounds. In addition, this boat runs with a 50 horsepower gasoline engine. This pontoon boat stands has a hull that is fully constructed of aluminum materials.


The top states that sell the Stinger 190 are: Delaware, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, New York, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Washington and North Carolina.

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