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Most Popular Lund Boat Models
1450 Rebel 1710 Predator SS 1850 Fisherman
1475 Rebel 1725 Explorer 1850 Tyee Gran Sport
1600 Alaskan Tiller 1725 Rebel XL 186 Tyee GL
1600 Pro Sport 1750 Fisherman 1950 Tyee
1625 Rebel XL SS 1750 Outfitter 2000 Alaskan
1650 Rebel 1750 Tyee 2000 Sport Angler
1650 Renegade 1800 Alaskan 2025 Pro V
1675 Pro Guide 1800 Sport Angler 2150 Baron
1700 Fisherman 1810 Predator SS Pro Angler 16
1700 Pro Sport 1825 Rebel XL Tyee 1750
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The Lund Boating Company was founded by G. Howard Lund after building just one boat. His first boat was an aluminum dock boat and it took his about seven days to complete. After strapping the boat down to the top of his car, 50 of the same model were ordered by a salesman. Lund Boats started with three employees working out of a garage. Today, the company headquarters is located in Minnesota with 500 employees and a 29 acre plot for designing and building Lund aluminum boats.

Lund Boats currently manufactures seven aluminum fishing boat models - Rebel, Sportsman, Wilderness, Tournament, Sport & Fish, Fiberglass and Jon Boat. The Rebel is an extreme aluminum fishing boat series with advanced features. Rebel aluminum fishing boats come with built-in live wells, rood storage and built-in fuel tank or fuel system. There are four Rebel models, namely 1725 / 1825 Rebel XL, 1625 Rebel XL, 1625 Rebel and 1475 Rebel. The shortest rebel is the 1475 measuring 14‘9“. The longest is the 1825 at 18‘3“. Several sport packages can be added to the Rebel series creating sub-models within the main Rebel series of aluminum fishing boat. 

Sportsman Lund aluminum fishing boats offers standards options with the angler in mind like rod storage, livewells, casting deck and storage compartments. Options are available on all boats in the aluminum fishing boat series to increase maximum HP and fuel tank size. There are eleven models in the Sportsman aluminum fishing boat series including the 2010 Predator, 1710 / 1810 Predator SS, 1825 / 2010 Explorer and 2010 Pro Guide. Many of the models in the Sportsman line are the same boat model reproduced with different options. The 1825 Pro Guide, for instance, is created from the basic 1825 mold with upgrades like improved back-trolling and control. 

The Wilderness series of Lund aluminum fishing boat does not have upgraded seating or storage lockers. This boat line is created with openness and space in mind. Wilderness models come with casting platforms, deck mounting pad, walk-through seats and deep self-draining splash pan depending on the model. Some models also come with oar locks. Several upgrade features like an Electronics Package and SportTrak accessory brackets are available.

For tournament fishing, boats in the Lund line are marketed with the Tournament name. The 1975 / 2075 Pro-V and 2075 Pro-V Tiller are the two models in this series of best sellers. The 1975 / 2075 Pro-V offers a bubble windshield with a breakaway center to create a walk-through to the bow casting platform. Lockable deck storage and rod storage is standard.

The Sport & Fish series of Lund fishing boats come in three models - 2150 Baron, 1950 Tyee and 1850 Tyee. All models come with a breakaway windshield, walk-through and standard angling features. Bow casting platforms are also standard with an optional seat that can be added to the casting platform. 

A classic fishing boat, the Jon boat, is the final series available from Lund. The Lund Jon boat offers a livewell upgrade, but no other features or options are available. This fishing boat offers plenty of open space for seating and casting with a casting platform at the bow of the boat. 

While most Lund fishing boats are aluminum, there are five models in the Fiberglass series. The 208 Pro-V GL, 197 Pro-V GL, 186 Tyee GL, 186 Fisherman GL and 186 Pro Sport GL are the some of the top sellers in the Lund line. All fiberglass fishing boat models come with a breakaway windshield and walk-through for access to the bow casting platform. 

Lund currently has a 29 acre site and employs over 500 people. The parent company of Lund Boats is the Brunswick Corporation. Lund has been manufacturing high quality aluminum boats since the company began. They also have a line of fiberglass boats. Their fiberglass line includes the 186 Fisherman GL, 186 Tyee GL, 186 Pro Sport GL, 197 Pro-V GL, and the 208 Pro-V GL. See your local dealer for pricing of new aluminum Lund boats. Purchase a used 2000 Lund Model 1850 Tyee Gran Sport complete with trailer and 175HP motor for $14,995 or a 2005 model 1900 Pro Vee LE complete with trailer and 200HP motor.

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