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Lund 1600 Alaskan Tiller

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The top states that sell the 1600 Alaskan Tiller are: Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Washington, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, Texas and California.

According to a range of reviews, the boats made by the Lund Boats made a good impression to their clients because of their high quality boats that are made of aluminum. The company also has boats that are made of fiberglass which includes the
Lund 186 Tyee GL that is 19 feet in length and features an 8 foot 2 inch beam. Another model from Lund Boats which is made of aluminum is the Lund 1850 Tyee Gran Sport that is 19 feet in length and features an 8 foot beam. This boat is actually an outboard type of boat.

Lund Boats continue to provide new and improved high quality boats to their clients in order to satisfy their needs, a modified hull that is made of aluminum could also be found in Lund Boats. The 1600 Alaskan’s size is 17 feet in length and features a 6 foot 6 inch beam. This is an outboard type of boat that has a weight of 775 pounds. Its fuel capacity is about 19gal. It has a maximum of 60HP.

Lund Boats provides warranty to all their clients in order to satisfy all their needs. They also want to have a good relationship with their clients to let them feel that they could always count on them.

There are a lot of Lund Boat models that you could check and one of the is the Lund 2000 Sport Angler that is 21 feet in length and features a 8 foot 2 inch beam and another is the Lund Pro Angler 16 that is also made of aluminum. Its size is 16 feet in length and features a 6 foot 1 inch beam.


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