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Lund Pro Angler 16

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The top states that sell the Pro Angler 16 are: Delaware, New York, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, Washington, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, California, Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee and South Carolina.

The Lund Pro Angler 16 boat is one of the first models of the Lund boats that gained much popularity. These boats are fishing boats that have hulls that are made of aluminum and they offer the comfort and the ease to control the boat as well. According to sources, these boats are supposed to provide the best fishing experience in a Lund boat.

The Lund Pro Angler 16 boat has a hull that is shaped in a classic V shape. The length of the Lund Pro Angler 16 boat is about 16 feet and 2 inches while the beam of the boat measures about 8 feet and 6 inches in width. This boat has a transom height of about 25 inches and a draft of about 27 inches. The boat comes with an engine that runs on gasoline and the power of the boat is in the range from about 15 HP to 30 HP. The Lund Pro Angler 16 boat also comes with an optional navigational equipment option.

The Pro Angler 17 is another model of the Pro Angler series of boats. This boat measures about 17 feet and 1 inch and the beam of the boat measure about 8 and half feet in width. Another boat which is slightly bigger than this boat is the Pro Angler 18 which is about 18 feet in length and the beam of the boat measures about 8 feet wide. Another model of the Pro Angler boats is the Pro Angler Rebel Spec 16 boat.

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