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Most Popular Maxum Boat Models
1700 SR 2200 SR 2900 SCR
1750 SR 2300 SC 2900 SE
1800 MX 2300 SR 3000 SCR
1800 SR3 2400 SC 3100 SE
1900 SR 2400 SD 3200 SCR
1900 SR3 2500 SCR 3300 SE
2100 SC3 2600 SC 3500 SCR
2100 SD 2600 SE 4100 SCB
2100 SR 2700 SE 4100 SCR
2200 SC 2800 SCR 4600 SCR
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Maxum is a builder of high-class sports boats based in Pipestone, Minnesota that has been building since the early 1970s. The company really emphasizes quality in all its literature and marketing. They have a process called the Pro® System, which is a method of quality control in sourcing and manufacturing that ensures only the highest quality standards are achieved. This belief in their build quality is borne out by the fact that Maxum offers a transferable 5 year guarantee on their hulls and decks. Something that few other manufacturers provide.The Maxum range is split into three categories, sports boats, sports cruisers and a sports yacht. There are 8 sports boats, from the 17’ 1800MX to the 24’ 2400 SC3. There are 4 sports cruisers, from the 25’ 2500SE to the 30’ 3100 SE, and a single sports yacht, the range-topping 3700 SY.

Maxum does business transparently and has as much pricing information as possible on their website. This makes boat shopping much easier and is something that should be done more often. Without any options, the base model, the 1800MX is $16,131. The 2500 SE Sports Cruiser starts at $71,394 and 3700 SY Sports Yacht at $291,328.

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