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Maxum 3100 SCR

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The top states that sell the 3100 SCR are: California, Tennessee, New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Washington.

The Maxum 3100 Scr has the finest features in a boat that you can ever ask for. This boat will definitely suit your family’s desires for a typical boat.

The model has the dimension of 31 feet in length. It is big enough to accommodate plenty of people in a single trip. The storage tanks have a large capability to hold enough fluids. The fuel tank can hold as much as 150 gallons of fuel and the water tank can store up to 30 gallons of water.

You will absolutely love the boat’s engine for it has a 260 horsepower and it also has a maximum speed of 45 knots. You can ride this boat until you achieve satisfaction because the engine is capable of running for about 240 hours.

The Maxum 3100 Scr also has many accommodations and some of these are the 6 sleeps that are available and fully comfortable, the fridge where you can store your foods, the stereo/CD player for the music lovers out there, the VHF and TV/DVD so that you can watch your favorite movies, the freezer in which you can store your catch if you’ve gone fishing, and the Transom shower with the water heater to calm and sooth and relax yourself while you take a bath.

Other features that are included are the microwave oven, vacu-flush head, a range, full enclosure, and the Koehler Genset. These would probably be things that will be useful to your family when the time comes.

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