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A new age of recreational boating is upon us with commercial style boats being fitted as recreational vessels. Nordic Tugs is one of the many companies selling tug boats designed for long adventures on the water. In the 1970s when oil shortages left many boats off the water, the founders of Nordic Tugs looked at the viability of a recreational tug boat line and decided it was worth a try. Today they are one of the top recreational tug boat manufacturers in the world.

Nordic Tugs offers six models to choose from ranging in length from about 26’ to 54’. The smallest tug in the line is the Nordic Tug 26. The fuel conservation idea that started the company resounds in this small model. At six knots, the boat burns only one gallon of diesel fuel per hour. At eight knots the burn rate is two gallons for hour. If speed is an issue, the Nordic Tug 26 can perform at a top speed of 14 knots. Sea Magazine was quoted as saying the Nordic Tug 32 could be the “best small trawler-style cruiser on the market.”

As the Nordic Tugs get longer, more upgrades are available. On the 37 Nordic Tug, an optional laundry room and various sleeping quarter layouts are available. The same can be said for the 42 Nordic Tugs, 49 Nordic Tug and 54 Nordic Tug.

Prices for the Nordic Tug boat will depend on upgrades, length and age. New 2010 Nordic Tugs will be priced at or in excess of $1.3 million. Used Nordic Tugs can be purchased for as little as $200,000. There are also Nordic sailboats for sale from the manufacturer.

The featured models in the Nordic Tugs line are the 26 Tug, 32 Tug, 37 Tug, 42 Tug, 49 Tug and 54 Tug.

There is not such a fine line between commercial and recreational boats, but Nordic Tugs does a great job of creating a classy cruiser in a tug design. These boats are perfect for extended stays on the water, family outings for the day or cruising from one ocean to the next. Whatever an owner can throw at the Nordic Tugs, it will take and keep asking for more while offering well appointed staterooms, laundry facilities, full kitchens and a long list of other standard and upgrade features.

When choosing a Nordic Tugs, potential owners should check out the official website or an authorized dealer. Sometimes a deal is just sitting there waiting for the boat connoisseur who wants to own a yacht but has the budget for a tug. There is no compromise with Nordic Tugs and that is why owners keep coming back for more from the company. 

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