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18 Skiff 22 Marquesas Super Skiff
19 Niente 28 Aventura Yucatan 27
20 Super Skiff Boca Grande CC  
22 Boca Grande Marquesas CC  
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Panga Marine is the nation’s leading Panga style fishing boat maker. They have adapted the Panga boats which are used by the fisher folk of Central America. Using the fiber glass boat building method has enhanced the practicality and the versatility of the Panga boat design. One of the most important adaptations in the Panga style fishing boats is the hull. It has a deep V hull along with the principle functioning of a flat running surface, which takes away the need for a large amount of horse power and fuel to run the boat. Due to this, the Panga Marine’s boats have a dead rise of 22 degrees for the larger boats and 11 degrees for the smaller boats. The smaller models from Panga have a flat running surface and the larger ones, a concave running surface. The hull is made up of material knitted around half an inch of Divinycell, a synthetic material which forms its core. The boats also have an integral I-beam under the sheer that ensures that the boat stays steady regardless of rough sea. They manufacture six types of boats. The 28’ Aventura, the 22’ Boca Grande and the 20’ Superskiff are the most popular among the models.

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