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Most Popular Quintrex Boat Models
139 Dory 390 Explorer 420 Fishseeker
245 Explorer 395 Dart 420 Hornet
250 Explorer 4.2 Dory 435 Hornet
310 Dart 400 Dart 440 Hornet
350 Explorer 400 Explorer Trophy 445 Dory
355 Dart 400 Hornet 450 Fishseeker
370 Dart 420 Dory 460 Dory
370 Explorer 420 Dory Wide Body 470 Freedom Sport
375 Dart 420 Explorer 520 Dory
385 Explorer 420 Explorer Trophy 600 Fishseeker
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Australian boating company, Quintrex, has been building boats for more than 65 years. The company claims to produce around 45% of all aluminum boats. Whether that is in the world or Australia is unknown. Used Quintrex boats are rather hard to find in the United States, which is to be expected, but used boats are also hard to find in Australia. Quintrex produces nine designs – Offshore, Cabin Boats, Centre Consoles, Bowriders, Runabouts, Top Enders, hornets, Explorers and Open Boats. All boat designs range in length from 8’ to 21’ or 2.45m to 6.7m. The company prides itself on producing more than 12,000 new boats every year and establishing a long term relationship with buyers who come back time and time again for new Quintrex boats. Every design model is listed on the official website with specific details about boat dimensions and custom options. There are no prices listed online for new boats. Use Quintrex boats in the United States sell for less than $2,000 US. In Australia, a larger selection of used boats can be found priced between $2,200 US and $22,000 US. Prices will change daily based on current exchange rates between USD and AUD. There are no current authorized Quintrex dealers in the United States.

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