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Ranger 175Vs

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 According to many reliable sources, Ranger 175Vs is a fishing boat that was constructed with a fiberglass hull that has a length 17 feet and 5 inches. It is an outboard type powered by a single gasoline engine with 115 horsepower. Its beam that measures 7 foot and 3 inch wide is full of comfortable amenities. This has a fuel capacity of 25 gallons. The best feature of this watercraft is the lifetime service warranty offered for its hull.

Other Ranger offshore product is the Ranger Fun 23 which is a mono-hull type of boat that was manufactured with fiberglass materials that has a length of 23 feet. This has an 8 foot wide beam that is full of standard features and weighs 1,800 pounds.

An added mono-hull type of fishing vessel series was successfully created by Ranger and this is the Ranger Ranger 24. This was built with a dependable and tough hull which is made from the optimum quality of fiberglass materials that has a length of 24 feet. It provides a comfortable wide space on its 8 foot and 4 inch beam and this weighs 3,200 pounds. The Ranger Ranger 23 is another Ranger model series that is a mono-hull type boat. This was built with a 23 feet long fiberglass hull with a beam that offers large space measuring 8 foot wide. It efficiently sails in water with its weight of 1,900 pounds. Likewise the Ranger Ranger 22 is an additional mono-hull type of boat that measures 22 feet long with abeam that has a width of 8 foot. This has a weight of 1,800 pounds.


The top states that sell the 175Vs are: Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Virginia, Minnesota, Louisiana, California, New York, Michigan, South Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Alabama, Missouri, Wisconsin and Texas.

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