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Regal 4460

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The top states that sell the 4460 are: Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Carolina, Missouri, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Delaware, New York, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Louisiana.

Whoever says that royal treatment and cruising can’t go hand –in-hand is certianly lying or just plain ignorant. The Regal 4460 Commodore proves that class and relaxation are two easy things that can be combined. The 44.7-foot sport yacht which runs at 39.5 mph is certainly one of Regal’s top pride, not only because it is the largest, but also because of its irresistible charm. The cruiser which can cater six persons is so sophisticated and functional that it can even rival the best passenger jet liners that the world has to offer.
It has a superb interior that’s brimming with cabinets crafted from cherrywood and a plush U-shaped leather sofa that can be converted to bed for two guests. The complete 20” TV, DVD player and stereo inarguably provide a world-class entertainment for everyone. The kitchen has spacious Corean countertops and all modern equipment that can help you in preparing luscious meals. The guest state room also spells privacy because it has a real door unlike other cruisers who simply use curtains for division. What’s best is that the whole inside of the yacht has a central vacuum system which saves plenty of time and effort for cleaning.
Regal 4460 Commodore not only takes pride in its amenities but also for its sophisticated navigational tools. The huge deck has a full-range of tools that make cruising as easy as controlling a car. A windbass is likewise provided for easy maneuvering and dropping of the anchor in selected spots.
With the Regal 4460 Commodore, cruising to your well-loved beachside hideaway will truly be a relaxing treat. You can also check out the commodore 3880, commodore 3860 and the commodore 360.

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