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Sightseer Marine, LLC manufactures custom aluminum catamarans. Sightseer is actually an offshoot of the recreational catamaran manufacturer Fiesta. The new company was formed in order to emphasize that its boats are custom designed for professional use as water taxis, dive/snorkel head boats, passenger ferries, shuttle craft, research vessels, for dinner cruises and eco tours, or as work platforms and barges. Because Sightseer boats are inspected as high-speed catamarans as opposed to pontoon boats of lower standard, they are able to go beyond restricted water areas such as lakes, rivers and bays. Sightseer boats are created for use in saltwater and in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard requirements for passenger vessels, which means that each boat carries naval architect documentation designating the maximum speed and wave height capacity of approximately 30 knots and 5 feet, respectively. Only top marine grade aluminum is used in the construction of Sightseer models, and said aluminum is formatted in 5 foot sections so that boats can be constructed to whatever length the commercial-use client necessitates. The width of Sightseer catamarans ranges from 9 to 16 feet. Prices for Sightseer models range from $41,000 for smaller, simpler boats to $100,000 for larger, more extensively equipped models.

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