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Antigua 18T Deville 18 Imperial 17
Aruba 15V El Dorado 20 Imperial 20
Bahama 20V Farallon 19.5 Kodiac 17T
Catalina 15V Grand Bahama 22T Nantucket 16VBR
Catalina 16T Grenada 15GTL Riviera 18GS
Comoro 17T Hilo 15VBR Riviera 18SS
Comoro 18T Hilo 16T Samoa 18V
Deville 15 Hilo 16VBR Tiburon 19V
Deville 16 Imperial 16 Tiburon 21V
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In 1959, Moorhead Plastics was founded in Moorhead, Minnesota through the cooperation of boat builder John Buckman and the Greater Moorhead Development Corporation. When the Greater Moorhead Development Corporation learned that Buckman – an 8-year veteran of the boat industry - wished to create his own boat manufacturing company, they sought out the necessary investors and provided the buildings and land for the company’s first factory. Initially two distinct fiberglass hull models were released by Moorhead Plastics. One was a simple, deck-less fishing boat the “Free Way” line, and the other was a higher-end sporty runabout referred to as the “Silver Line.” In 1960, after a year of minimal returns on their investment, Moorhead Development Corporation hired local construction mogul Ray Stordhal as business manager. Due to the addition of Stordhal, Moorhead Plastics began to prove a successful venture, and by 1961 was building 22 different models of boats. The tri-hull was introduced with great success in 1967, and the company officially changed its named to Silverline that same year. As the company expanded, so did the sizes and prices of its boats. By 1977 demand for Silverline boats was so great that another factory was opened in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. In 1980 the company was bought out by InterNautic Marine group in 1980, and the original Moorhead factory had to be closed due to inflation and overproduction. Smaller, used Silverline models start at $1,500, and for newer, larger models can cost up to $700,000.

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