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Stingray 195lx

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The top states that sell the 195lx are: Florida, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington, Ohio, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin and Alabama.

Stingray is a boat manufacturer that has never stopped from discovering new technology in building their high performance fishing machines just like the Stingray 195LX. This is a stern drive powered watercraft that weighs 2,580 pounds and has a maximum fuel capacity of 35 gallons and this is operated by a single gasoline engine with 220 horsepower. This was created with a sturdy fiberglass hull that has a length of 20 feet. Stingray 195LX has a weight of 2,580 pounds and this was effectively produced from 2005 to 2009.

Additional sub-model boat was productively produced from 2003 to 2005 and this was the Stingray 240CR. This is a stern drive powered fishing vessel that was manufactured with a 24 feet long lasting fiberglass hull. Its hardwearing beam that has a width of 8 foot and 6 inch is loaded with convenient features like the galley which is full of kitchen facilities to the chef’s delight, staterooms and many more. It weighs 2,037 pounds and this is power driven by a single gasoline engine with 220 horsepower.

Stingray has never stopped manufacturing top quality boats and these include the Stingray 240 CS. It is a stern drive powered water vessel that is motorized by an efficient single gasoline engine with 250 horsepower. It has a 24 feet long sturdy fiberglass hull and a wide and firm beam that measures 8 foot and 6 inch. Stingray 240 CS has a weight of 5,171 pounds and this was repetitively produced from 1997 to 2009. The Stingray 200 CS is also a stern drive boat.

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