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Triton 190 FS

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The top states that sell the 190 FS are: Florida, Tennessee, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Missouri, Minnesota, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio and Virginia.

Triton boats are specially designed to sail flexibly on the waters and yet have a strong hold over the waves. The shapes of the boats are uniquely shaped and designed so that it maybe agile in the water and yet be strong enough to resist the current coming in the opposite direction.

From the well known series of Allure we have the model of Triton 192 Allure. The model is has been placed in the unit of outboard boats featuring a 8 foot 3 inch beam and the hull built and made from strong fiberglass. The boat is 19 feet long and weights a net amount of 2,074 pounds. The lowest rate in the market is $0 and the highest which is observed is $28,749. It is valued at $28,749 at list value while the average is priced at $0. It was produced and unveiled in the years 2009.

From the Gold series we have the model of Triton 220 Fs Gold OB. The model is bought at the market at a valued price of $16,216 and at an average price value of $10,050. The price ranges from $8,540 the least to $11,760 the most. It is built and incorporated with an 8 foot 6 inch beam and is 22 feet long. It weights a net gross amount of 2,175 pounds and fiberglass is used to built and make strong the hull. It is from the category of pontoon and was manufactured and brought into the market in the year 2007.

Another series known as Magnum has the model of Triton 186 Magnum. The model was launched in the year 2003. The Company introduced it in the category of outboard boats with a hull made from quality fiberglass. It is 19 feet in length. The boat has a beam of 7 foot 1 inch and has a net weight of 1,050 pounds. The boat has a register value priced at $10,391, with a minimum rate of $4,120 and a maximum rate of $5,680. The average price placed in the market for this boat is valued at $4,850.

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