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Wellcraft Coastal 252

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The top states that sell the Coastal 252 are: Louisiana, Washington, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Delaware, Virginia, California and North Carolina.

 Genmar is the well known name in the Industry and “Wellcraft” is one of its manufactured boating companies. Wellcraft provides many options in the boating industry for the sportsman and fishermen. They make their boats designed specially for the water sports activity. Wellcraft\'s Coastal series comes up with another model that is Wellcraft Coastal 252 with the list price of $76,060. The net weight of the boat is 4,360 pounds and it has 2 gasoline engines of 250 HP each. This outboard boat is having a fiberglass hull and the beam of length 8 foot 9 inches. Total length of this model is 24 feet.

 Next model by the Wellcraft is Wellcraft coastal 270 with the total length of 28 feet. The net weight of the boat is 5,400 pounds and the hull is made up of the fiberglass. It has a beam of size 8 foot 6 inches and the list price of this model is $15,700.

 With the net weight of 16,000 pounds Wellcraft Coastal 330 is the new model of the Wellcraft coastal series. The total length of the boat is 39 feet and the hull is made up of the fiberglass. This model features a beam of size 12 foot 8 inches and has twin gasoline engines of 330 HP each. The net registered price of this boat is $65,850. Coastal series is having a model named Wellcraft coastal 250 which is total 25 feet long. The net weight of this boat is 3700 pounds with the hull made up of the fiberglass. The list price of the boat is $16,995 and it features a beam of 8 foot long.



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