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Willie Boats began in Central Point, Oregon in 1981, by founder, Willie Illingworth. Illingworth was a drift boat designer that yearned to perfect the art of aluminum boat design. He ultimately wanted to build a boat that would be much lighter and easier to handle in all types of waters. He built his first aluminum McKenzie-style drift boat in 1971. Upon starting, Willie Boats began rapidly producing more boats, making up to 300 drift boats and 100 power boats per year. Willie Boats is not associated with any outside dealers and manufacturers, as they both produce and manufacture their own boats. They come in a variety of styles and models, ranging from 12 to 20 feet. Some of their exclusive features include: a specially designed thicker chine to allow for better control when maneuvering, a perpendicular curve in the point of the bow that acts against the weather when you are in the most rugged waters, and the newly modified McKenzie design of the boat. Every Willie Boat includes all of these features, as well as other customized features that are optional that can be added when creating your own Willie Boat. All Willie Boats can be purchased directly from the company.

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