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Beach catamarans are multi-hulled sail craft built specifically to withstand the rigors of ocean sailing. The multiple hulls allow for maximum stability, even on turbulent waters. Capsizing a beach catamaran is a difficult task. Most beach catamarans are purchased as family fun boats and the owners of these crafts tend to be fairly knowledgeable regarding sailing. When thinking about a beach catamaran, people tend to instantly picture a two-hulled Hobie Cat with colorful sails, but there is definitely a wider selection of beach catamaran models available. However the Hobie 16 is definitely considered to be the “classic” beach catamaran. This model was designed in 1970 by JHobie Alter, the company’s founder. To this day, the Hobie 16 is the best-selling beach catamaran throughout the world. Most hobby sailors can get a beach catamaran in the 16-foot range for $1000 or less, especially if you scan classified ads. This is as much boat as the average enthusiast needs. More serious sailors and racers will be interested in larger beach catamarans, which can range from $6,000 to $30,000 new. Buying a new boat gets you factory support, but of course the price tag will be higher. Beach catamarans are also rated by the NAMSA for speed based on regatta performance throughout the year.

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