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Tiller boats derived their name from the lever that clings to the rudderpost and helps the helmsman redirect the boat by turning the rudder in a different direction. This lever, also known as tiller can be turned remotely with the help of tiller lines. Excessive or rapid tiller movement results in a drag that slows down the vessel. While controlling a boat, the helmsman moves the tiller in the direction that is opposite to which the bow is to move. When the tiller turns to the starboard (right) side, the bow turns to the port (left) side and vice versa. The force required to control the rudderpost through the tiller increases with the increase in the size of the boat. These days, boats around 10 meters in length have a steering wheel attached to it, which is easier to use than a tiller. Larger boats that cross the English Channel are over 21 meters in length and have a tiller fitted to them. The price of a tiller boat is variable depending upon the brand and the year of manufacture of the vessel. Although, there are many companies manufacturing such boats, yet brands like Sea Ray, Regal, Parkers and Grady-Whites lead the pack.

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