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Daysailers are usually smaller boats that can easily be fitted onto a trailer making them ideal for those who need portable boats. The term daysailer actually classifies a style of boat rather than a specific model. A daysailer is any wind-powered boat, reguarless of size, attributes, etc. So, if one is in the market for a sail boat, one must have a more well-rounded idea about what kind of boat he or she wants to buy. Daysailers can come in small sizes, like a simple yacht with enough room to fit two people and some supplies, to massive houses on water. The first is ideal for small families just looking to get out onto lakes or bays and will cost the buyer around $3,000. As one looks into more high-end boats, equipped with cuddies which are like small cabins, just enough for essentials, the prices naturally increase as well. An average daysailer with a cuddy will cost around $12,000 and this will usually include sleeping areas, a galley, and a limited toilette. These types of boats are designed more for open sea vacations where the boaters are also self sufficient and enjoying the ocean all to themselves.

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