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Boating bags cover several categories including seabags, drybags, utility and tote bags. Seabags often resemble sleeping bags in appearance, but are designed for storage. Some are waterproof, but others are not. Drybags are a special type of seabag. Drybags by definition are waterproof. They often resemble either a sleeping bag or a duffel bag in appearance and are designed to stow gear. Some standard backpacks and daypacks are also available as drypacks. They feature padded shoulder straps that are removable and curved so as not to be uncomfortable. Some specialty marine drybags are designed and marked to hold safety gear; others are made and marked to hold life jackets. Still others are specifically designed to hold essentials needed in abandon ship situations. Extra large drybags allow you to keep all of your essential equipment together in the bow of an inflatable boat. Dual zippers on this bag and similar large bags provide easy access. Seabags and drybags frequently are clear or transparent so that their contents can be identified quickly. Utility bags and tote bags are designed primarily to transport items, usually clothing. They are not generally designed to be waterproof. They also come in a variety of sizes. Some manufacturers make a heavy-duty fishing duffel designed to protect a fisherman’s tackle.

Construction materials for various types of bags range from nylon or nylon blends to vinyl or heavy-duty vinyl/polyester blends. Most have specially reinforced seams to prevent moisture seepage. Construction materials for tote bags range from several grades of vinyl and nylon to light-weight mesh. Some bags even feature taffeta—a material more likely to be found in ballrooms than bows or decks of boats.


  • Waterproof options available.
  • Various sizes and shapes.
  • .Often in bright colors for high visibility.
  • Very inexpensive basic models are available.


  • Some waterproof bags require double-bagging of electronic devices.
  • Some customers indicate that not all-waterproof bags worked well, although general levels of satisfaction appear to be quite high.
  • Some specialized bags are expensive.

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Seabags offer a wide-range of products that have been specially designed to meet the storage, hauling and protection needs of marine situations. Bags for nearly any marine application are available, often in a variety of fabrics and sizes that suit a customer who needs a specific bag for a certain situation. A wide range of colors are also available. Prices range from utilities and totes that are quite inexpensive to waterproof bags and seabags that are pricy, depending upon the types of fabric used, the bag’s size and the other special features provided. Selection is generally broad. Only a few products indicated limited availability.

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