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Few deck modifications are as easy to make as new storage options. The replacement of your deck plates or the installation of fixed store equipment can be very tempting to the boater with too much stuff to haul. Sometimes change just needs to happen—there has to be a better way of getting to that particular storage area, after all. Yet the many options available to boaters can be a tad intimidating. So many brands claim an exclusive degree of ease or security that just picking a few hatches to replace your boat’s manufacturer-installed defaults is quite a task. But examining your own needs can help you decide quickly.

Screw-out plates are perhaps the most popular. The corkscrew thread provides a weighty, trustworthy water-tight seal that most boaters can rely on. Moreover, since the tool-less opening action requires nothing but a spare hand, it represents a simple balance between security and accessibility. However, the time and effort it takes to unscrew one of these standard deck plates makes them impractical for commonly accessed areas. Sometimes a simple fixed store rack might do the job, or at least a deck plate that latches or pries off easily.

The biggest problem with extra storage devices is how easily they can clutter up your boat, both functionally and aesthetically. It’s hard to determine what’s harder to handle: reducing your walking area on deck or breaking up the smooth lines of your hull. There’s also the problem of getting too top-heavy. The smaller the boat, the greater the handling issues caused by high-loaded storage. Sometimes internal storage is best, if it’s more difficult to reach.

If you must use purchase new deck plates, be sure to know your situation. Grab a plate that won’t jam when you screw it in, and consider tool-fastened options for hatches you don’t access often. When you pack your items, don’t include anything that would be sensitive to the air pressure changes caused by raised or lowered hull temperature. Fragile items are best placed in your extra fixed stores.


  • Convenience of access for everything you used to have lying about the deck.
  • Security in case of rough waves.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Unsightly if not well-installed.
  • Must determine which kind of storage is best for your situation.

Featured Manufacturers

Beckson, Bomar, and Viking


There are few things more gratifying than launching from shore with a well-organized boat that has absolutely everything packed into the right place. A little bit of organization can help anyone enjoy their cruise just a bit more—no more worrying about where you left that tackle set. But do consider the downsides to excessive storage. There’s no sense making extra space you won’t use. Evaluate your needs and purchase the kind of storage and accessories that work best for you.

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