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Using the right tools is key to having a well painted boat. Before you even buy the paint, you need to choose paintbrushes, rollers, and tapes. You cannot have a good painting job if you use the old painting brushes lying around the garage. When buying good quality brushes, remember a few hints. Make sure you have brushes for both paint and varnish. You will not want to use a brush that has been used for paint for varnish as well. You‘ll end up with little bits of paint in the varnish. You’ll probably want edged brushes for the paint. These brushes will give you a smoother finish. On that note, don’t use the edges of larger brushes. Doing this can cause an uneven finish. Use a smaller brush instead. Next, choose good quality rollers. Poorer quality ones will not give you the finished job you want. If you are painting stripes on your boat, you‘ll want to buy striping tape. Also, you may want masking tape and paper to help you cover up places you don‘t want painted.

Make sure you have plenty of rags. You never know when you‘ll need one to clean up a mistake or an unfortunate spill. They should be easily available so you do not need to hunt around for one while a paint spill dries. Finally, you should buy gloves and buckets. Some people swear by disposable cardboard buckets. If you cut a hole in either side and stick a hanger through you‘ll be able to clean the drips of your brushes with the coat hanger.

Finally, pay attention to personal safety. Be mindful of paint fumes and other toxins. Wear something over your eyes when using solvents. Do not touch your face. Wear gloves. Dispose of excess paint immediately. In general, remember that paints, primers, and solvents are toxic substances and should not be ingested or contact bare skin. 


  • Choosing the right paint brushes, rollers, and tapes increases your chances of accomplishing an excellent paint job.
  • Many of these tools, although expensive, are not overly priced.
  • Some of the best painting tools, such as rags, can cost nothing.
  • Good brushes and other equipment can be reused if properly cleaned and are, therefore, a good investment for the future. 


  • Even the most carefully planned painting job can involve accidents and spills.
  • Buying the wrong brushes can give you a bad painting job.
  • As with anything quality, buying good paint brushes, rollers, and tapes will cost more money.
  • Paint fumes are toxic and may cause health problems. 

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3M, Redtree, Corona, and Seafit 


Painting your boat can result in either a feeling of accomplishment and pride or shame at your shoddy job. In order to achieve the first result, you will want to make sure you buy the best quality paints. Buying good quality paintbrushes, rollers, and tapes may cost more, but they are not extravagantly expensive and you‘ll thank yourself later, when you see how well they work. It‘s far better to spend a little extra money now then regret it later when you end up with a poorly painted boat.


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