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If you expect to take an overnight cruise and certainly if you stay longer, you need a way to cook your food. Hot dinners make a yacht or other boat feel like home, and there simply is no comparison to a fresh fish that goes straight from the water to the stove.

Most large craft have stoves preinstalled, and most of these use propane. However, there are multiple options in these systems. It is best to know what the options are before buying your boat or replacing a broken stove.


  • The most common variation is between stoves with ovens and stoves without ovens. Here, you simply have to know how you will do your cooking. Stoves without ovens save on space that can be crucial in smaller craft, and they are also cheaper. Nevertheless, it is worth the price and space if you know that you will use them. Companies that design stoves for boats can make them ingeniously compact.
  • In addition to propane systems, there are also electric stoves, diesel, and even alcohol. Electric can be the most convenient, but only work in craft with enough power to supply them, and that requires a lot. Diesel works much like propane, but can be more dangerous. These are also somewhat more challenging to maintain. Alcohol stoves are rare, and probably the hardest to maintain. In general, you will find the most options for new stoves and for replacement parts if you choose a propane stove.


  • Expect to pay a fair amount for a new stove for your boat, regardless of which type you choose. They have to made compactly and with special safety features, and you will see that reflected in the price.
  • For summer cruising, expect your oven to heat up the entire boat. This is especially true for craft with small cabins.
  • If you choose propane, the oven will use it up very quickly. Be judicious in how you use it. You should also recognize that propane, diesel and alcohol, all run out of stove and heating fuel if you don’t keep them supplied. Check how much you have before leaving for long cruises.
  • Stoves will also take up a good amount of space. If you own a small craft and don’t expect to cruise for longer than a day, consider taking the stove out for extra space.
  • For all stoves that use a fuel system, there is also a safety issue. Before using your stove, read through the owners manual with special attention to any warnings.

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Coleman, Countoure, Stansport, and Magma 


Stoves and propane systems are a real help for long boat cruises, but every boater should pick one that fits their needs and insure that they know how to use the system. Stoves are not all created equal, and you will be glad to know that you chose from all of the available options.

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