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Allmand Boats is a smaller manufacturer based out of Florida. Allmand boats was founded by John Allmand, in 1965, just as fiberglass we becoming popular. Allmand boats are known for their affordability, and this manufacturer specializes in shipping their crafts anywhere in the world at very affordable rates. Allmand has attempted to position themselves as the global go-to for affordable small and midsize boats. Types of boats available from Allmand include Cuddy cabin boats, bow riders, sailboats, and rigid inflatable boats. Among boat owners, Allmand is not a particularly well-known name, but those who own them say that they are very reliable, albeit basic.

Original Allmand boats ranged from 16 to 34 feet. Tom Allmand joined his brother at Allmand Boats in 1977, creating new designs ranging from 23 to 35 feet. In 1996, Todd Allmand expanded the boat line, adding the “Samurai,” a high speed off shore craft. At its beginnings, Allmand quickly became one of the most popular manufacturers of pleasure boats across the Eastern coast of the US. By 1998, Allmand was marketing itself worldwide. As of 2000, Allmand boats were sold to customers in, among other places, Norway, the Dutch West Indies, Uganda, Panama, India. In 2005, Todd Allmand worked in Sri Lanka, teaching local shipbuilders modern practices. Today, the company continues to market itself globally. With headquarters in two hemispheres, Allmand prices itself on its 24-hour sales service. Allmand is able to answer questions efficiently and quickly and deliver a quality product directly from the factory to its owner. Allmand strives to design and build your boat to your specifications and deliver it to your town at a reasonable price.


Used Allmand boats from the late 70's can be found easily for $3,000-$6,000. When purchasing from dealers, smaller Allmand models average in the $10,000 range, while the larger 30' foot offshore models go for $28,000.



  • According to one site, when purchasing knew from the manufacturer shipping is only $28 per foot.
  • Allmand Boats is a well established company with a credible sales history.
  • Allmand has twenty four hour availability.
  • Allmand also offers cheap “boat kits” that require additional hardware and accessories, but that are wide open for hobby customization.


  • According to some Allmand boat owners, certain models do not operate very smoothly on high seas.
  • Hull construction on some oceangoing models means that these boats can't go as fast over choppy seas as comparable models from other manufacturers.

Featured Products

Allmand boats include inflatable, center console, bowrider, cuddy cabin, pilot house, and walkaround designs. The different makes included in these designs are listed below.

Inflatable: 9 Rigid Inflatable, 12 Rigid Inflatable, 14 Rigid Inflatable, 16 Rigid Inflatable, 17 Rigid Inflatable, 18 Rigid Inflatable, 19 Rigid Inflatable, 20 Rigid Inflatable, 23 Rigid Inflatable, 25 Rigid Inflatable. Center Console: 13 Center Console Open Fisherman, 18 Panga Center Console Open Fisherman, 19 Center Console DX Open Fisherman, 20 Center Console Open Fisherman, 20 Panga CC, 21 New Open Fisherman Center Console, Panga 21, 22 Panga CC, P22 DX, 26 Express Center Consol Open Fisherman, Pangacraft 30, 19 CC, 30 Center Console. Bowrider: 15 Bowrider, 16 Side Console Bowrider, 16 Speed Bowrider, 17 Inboard Bowrider, 18 Sleek Bowrider, 255 Bow Rider, 16 Bowrider, 18 Bowrider, 19 Bowrider. Cuddy Cabin: 16 Cuddy Cabin, 18 Cuddy Cabin, 21Panga Mini Cabin, 19 Cuddy Cabin. Pilot House: 17 Cabin Work Boat, 19 Mini Cabin, 21 Mini Cabin, 21 Mini Cabin/ Water Taxi, 30 Pilot House, 24 Cabin. Walkaround: 26 Pilot House Fisherman.


Allmand Boats is a well established, trusted company, specializing in pleasure boats ranging from 16 to 35 feet. The company markets itself globally and appears to have a widespread good reputation. Allmand does go for the “hard sell” with most of their promotional materials, but if you can get past that these seem to be reasonably priced, reliable pleasure boats.

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