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Bullet Boats offers an impressive variety of solid, dependable, high performance craft that can provide their owners with a fast and sleek ride. Of course, safety is a great concern for any boat designed with performance and speed as its top priority, and Bullet Boats have an excellent record. Furthermore, the manufacturer prides itself on lending its boats to be reviewed—almost always positively—by boating enthusiast magazines. Fishers and adventure-seekers alike are often satisfied with the power Bullet Boats provides for their craft. The straightforward, durable design is attractive to novices and veterans alike.


New Bullet boats range from roughly $35,000 to $50,000 in price, with used models starting near $15,000.


  • Speed and durability are top-notch.
  • The straightforward, no-frills design is nonetheless supplemented with optional features.
  • Custom paint jobs are available to those who can’t find what they need at the dealer.
  • They feature good fuel efficiency for a sports craft.


  • They are slightly more expensive than competitors' offerings.
  • Because of their power, they are more suitable for experienced boaters.
  • Dealer-provided extras can vary.

Featured Models

20XD, 20XRD, 20XF, 20XDC, 20CC, 21XD, 21XDC, 21XRD, 21RDC


If one is looking for good quality, high-performance sport boats with customizable feature sets, Bullet Boats has a number of good choices to offer. The boats' reputation for dependability and sheer power make them a worthwhile consideration for anyone who craves speed and performance.

Popular Bullet Boat Models
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