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Campion Marine of Kelowna, British Columbia, calls itself Canada’s largest independent boat builder, with authorized dealers in 30 countries. Campion Marine produces three major lines of boats: the Allante series of nine family runabouts and sport cruisers, the Explorer Sport series of seven utility boats, and a line of Chase performance boats.

With an established, respected brand, Campion boats offer customers a solid performance that is almost guaranteed. Its wide-ranging customer base and high resale value attest to the quality of these boats.


New Campion models generally cost from $30,000 to $60,000 depending on the size and options desired. Older models can be found in the range of $16,000 to $30,000.


  • Campion offers an extensive line of runabouts, sport cruisers, sport utility boats, and performance boats.
  • Campion uses advances in marine technology that make its Apex hull stronger and more stable.
  • This company uses fiberglass components that it states are 40 percent lighter and 60 percent stronger than traditional components.
  • Their finishing process uses a closed system with zero emissions and zero air voids.
  • Campion Boats offers a good array of customization options.


  • Campion Boats has few dealers in the southern United States.
  • Some models might be considered expensive compared to competitors' offerings.

Featured Models

Campion Boats Allante 595OB BR.

Campion Boats Allante 925.

Campion Boats Allante 595i SC.

Campion Boats Allante 645i SC.

Campion Boats Allante 705i SC.

Campion Boats Allante 825.


Campion Marine has established a widespread network of dealers in several countries and has become the largest Canadian boat manufacturer. Their line-up of boats presents a wide array of choices for the boating enthusiasts interested in family runabouts, sports cruisers, utility boats, and performance boats. Campion produces stern drives, outboards, sport cabins, bowriders, and closed decks. Furthermore, they possess a recognizable brand name that is advantageous when listing a used boat for resale.

Popular Campion Boat Models
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