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Caribe Inflatables, USA, of Miami, Florida, is a sister company to the Venezuelan-based Caribe Inflatables, makers of RIB and soft bottom tenders. They offer a large range of models from eight to twenty-four feet. This company places a strong emphasis on technology and has implemented advances for their inflatables such as three air chambers, full lifelines, oversized tubes, and internal depth. With a focus on comfort and safety, their inflatables offer numerous special features for storage and efficiency.

Since creating their first inflatable tender in 1980, Caribe Inflatables has grown to produce an extensive line of inflatables and dinghies. The company makes Dinghies, MVPs, Lights, Runabouts, Deluxes, Classics, Universals, Megatenders, and different categories of Rowers. They were one of the first companies to use oversized tubes and a deep V hull. Recessed air valves, oar storage and blade-rests are now standard on their models, and they create interior space by using rounded tube ends for efficiently placing lifelines, oarlocks and blade rests. The boats are protected from damage with rounded, raised, anti-splash, and non-staining rub-strake.


Caribe Inflatables models cost between $15,000 and $25,000 new, with used models starting near $5,000.


  • The inflatables contain 3 air chambers for more safety.
  • Caribe Inflatables provides full lifelines on their inflatables.
  • Caribe Inflatables has many dealers.
  • This company produces a wide variety of models.
  • RIB and soft bottom tenders are available.


  • Costs are typically higher than competitors' prices.

Featured Models

Caribe Inflatables C17 Jet.

2009 Caribe Inflatables C25.

Caribe Inflatables L9.

Caribe Inflatables New DL11.

Caribe Inflatables New DL12.

Caribe Inflatables UB17L.

Caribe Inflatables CL14.

Caribe Inflatables New DL15.

Caribe Inflatables C8X.


Caribe Inflatables produces an extensive line of models for almost every category. They have dealers in the United States, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and they exhibit at a large selection of boat shows. Their boats should be near the top of anyone's list who is in the market for a reliable inflatable craft.

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