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From 12 feet to 27 feet, Carolina skiffs offer a range of sizes for the boat consumer. One of their popular skiffs, the JVX20 SS, offers several appealing features. Twenty feet long and 6.5 feet wide, it can carry a maximum of eight people. Further, this skiff can use 90 hp as it skims across the water. Besides its physical dimensions, it has several useful accessories. Some of these include a 12V motor plug, battery tray, and bow and stern lights. Further, it has a 500 gallon pump,a six gallon portable pump, and a 6” retractable deck plate.


  • First, the Carolina Skiff JVX20 SS is safe. As it’s engineered, the manufacturers verify that all safety procedures are used. Through a demanding, tedious process, each hull is mechanically and humanly pieced together, producing a boat that surpasses Coast Guard requirements for good boat buoyancy.
  • Second, this skiff is fast. Depending on what type of motor you use, you can reach speeds up to 40 mph as you cruise on the water.
  • Third, this skiff is reasonably affordable. For this size, a skiff typically costs around $10,000, which is an acceptable price for its quality.
  • Fourth, the Carolina Skiff JVX20 SS is flexible. Whether you just want a little 12’ putter or a 20’ skiff, you have your pick with the multiple sizes available for Carolina skiffs.


  • First, the Carolina Skiff JVX20 SS is small. If you want something petite, then the skiff is for you. But if you want a more spacious, roomy boat, consider buying something other than a skiff.
  • Second, this skiff is unprotected. Even though skiffs aren’t used in the oceans, you might get caught in a storm in the middle of a lake or bay, and you will have no overhead protection when you try to steer yourself back to land.
  • Third, this skiff is limited. Some boats can adapt to both freshwater and saltwater conditions. However, this boat is limited to freshwater, which might be what you want. But if you want to catch some bluefin tuna or swordfish, the skiff is not a boat you want to purchase.
  • Fourth, the Carolina Skiff JVX20 SS lacks amenities. Although it does have several back-up items, it doesn’t have any enjoyable features such as a lounge chair, TV, or DVD player that other classier boats would normally have.

Featured Manufacturers

The Carolina Skiff company, located in Waycross, GA, produces the JVX20 SS as well as many other models ranging from 12 feet to 27 feet. Models: JV13SS, DLX 1455, J14 DC, J14 CC, J14 SS, J16 SS, J16 CC, DLX 1655, JVX16 SS, DLX 1765, DLX 1780, JVX18 SS, JVX18 SC, DLX 1965, DLX 1980, JVX20 SC, JVX20 SS, DLX 2180, DLX 2390, DLX 2480, DLXEW 2590, DLXEW 2790; JV - JV 13 Center Console, JV 13 Tiller Handle, JV 15 Stick Steering, JV 15 Tiller Handle, JV 15 Center Console, JV 17 Center Console, JV 17 Stick Steering, JV 17 Tiller Handle; Bass Rig - J1650 Bass Rig


The Carolina Skiff JVX20 SS is a reliable boat that you can use for fishing or aquatic pleasure. Further, its speed and safety features enhance the quality of the skiff. However, if you’re looking for an ocean cruiser or spacious boat, you should look elsewhere for a boat that fits your interests.

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