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Champion Boats has a line of high quality rough water performance craft. These boats are designed for long runs to fishing grounds and specifically tooled to offer the best fishing experience possible. These boats are wider at the bow to make more room for fishing, and they also have plenty of storage room for fishing gear and feature additional amenities such as rod holders.

Champion Boats uses only heavy-duty stitched fiberglass cloth which they layer and then cover with a composite core material and three additional layers of fiberglass. Their boats are strictly tested to ensure the maximum performance and dependability.

Their V-wing hull design is intended to give the boat high performance and lift, and the boats also have a secondary pad to make them more stable.


New Champion boats can cost between $30,000 and $45,000, with used models starting near $15,000.


  • This company is well known for their smooth riding, sharp turning, and superior handling, even in difficult conditions
  • These boats are completely customizable. This company offers choices for just about everything: color, motor, engine brand, and more.


  • One negative aspect to the high quality of these boats is their cost.
  • There are only a few dealers for both new and used Champion boat models in the United States.

Featured Models

Although all boats sold are customized, they generally fall into Bay Champ, Sea Champ, Center Console, and CX series, with boat lengths ranging from roughly 18 to 24 feet.


Champion boats are high quality performance boats, which are even more appealing because of their attention to detail. No matter what kind of small or medium sized fishing boat a person desires, it can be found from this company. Potential customers will be pleased they can customize their order. Serious anglers looking for a serious boat should consider Champion a good option.

Popular Champion Boat Models
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