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Based in Hampstead, North Carolina, Chaos Boats offers shallow water fishing boats that are customizable and very durable. The company claims that their Carolina flair hull design allows their boats to have a smooth and dry ride, and in online reviews, owners agree.

These boats are specifically designed to maneuver through shallow water, skinny water accesses, and rough water. This combination makes these fishing boats much more versatile than many comparably priced boats.


New Chaos boats may cost between $20,000 and $35,000, with used models starting around $8,000.


  • These shallow water fishing boats are highly customizable.
  • These boats have received good reviews for their practical design as well as their handling.
  • These boats can carry enough fuel for longer fishing trips.
  • This kind of boat is ideal for serious anglers.


  • Chaos boats has a limited number of models available.
  • The custom options result in higher priced boats.
  • The company is relatively new.
  • Dealers are limited.
  • People who want to do more than fish should look into other boats that are designed to be more versatile.


Chaos boats provide boaters with two basic models of shallow water fishing boats while promising a completely customized package and a personal touch. The boats are reported to be sturdy and well designed for their purpose, but the company does not have an extensive track record in the industry. Nevertheless, shallow water fisherman should definitely look into these boats as an option.

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