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Donzi Marine, based in Sarasota, Florida specializes in recreational speed boat models. They currently offer over 25 different models ranging from 16 to 34. Donzi Marine boats are popular both in the United States and internationally, and are often used for boat racing as well as luxury boating. Donzi is held by American Marine Holdings which also manufactures saltwater fishing boats and boats for government and military use.


Donzi Marine 2007 16 Classic had a suggested list price of $360, 836 with an average retail listed as $160, 660 and a low retail of $140, 610. Newer boats average between $2,000,000 and $11,000,000.


  • Donzi Marine has the advantage of having been in the boat making business for 46 years, so their products are well evolved.
  • In the past ten years, Donzi has won ten Powerboat Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the power boating community.
  • Donzi offers twenty-five models, providing buyers lots of options to suit their needs.


  • Donzi Marine sells its boats through dealers. Donzi is unable to guarantee that boats sold by wholesalers and liquidators are in proper condition for sale.
  • Because Donzi Marine boats are high quality and renowned, they are often more expensive than other speed boats.

Featured Models

Donzi offers a number of craft, with many specifically geared toward high performance saltwater use. From the iconic Sportfisherman line to Open Bridge and Yacht models, there are many offerings to choose from.


Donzi Marine has been in the boat business since 1964 and won several awards. Those seeking to purchase a boat through Donzi Marine should sure you buy only through an Authorized Donzi Dealer—they are responsible to make sure the boat is delivered in the condition that is expected, and can offer the most assurance to the buyer. Those seeking high-end performance boats should definitely consider Donzi’s products.

Popular Donzi Marine Boat Models
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