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Thirty years ago, Fisher Boats was founded in West Point Mississippi with a goal to build quality fishing boats. Today, the company offers a number of different models in several styles.

Fisher Boats uses welded aluminum hulls and predominately Mercury outboard motors. Fisher makes V hulls, pontoon/deck boats, welded utility boats, and a few riveted Jons.

Fisher Boats are basic models are efficient without unnecessary luxuries or an inflated price. They are not as aesthetically pleasing as other fishing boat models, but they are practical and well-built.


Most Fisher Boats are priced around $15,000. There are larger, more advanced models that are available for around $200,000.


  • Fisher makes solid, dependable hulls. The full-length stringer system is directly welded to the hull, bulkhead and transom. The hull is painted and finished in a rigorous 5-step process.
  • Fisher guarantees all defects in external welds. The guarantee on the outboard motor is through Mercury.
  • Fisher provides most types of boats for inland, small to medium-sized fishing. Some of their boats are also usable for parties, recreation or water skiing.
  • Fisher boats are relatively inexpensive by comparison to other makers of fishing boats.


  • Fisher does not offer ocean-fishing models, cruising boats, or very many options that are practical for water sports. These boats are primarily designed for fishing.
  • Customers must use Mercury outboard motors rather than another type of motor.
  • Fisher boats are only available from dealers rather than factory direct.
  • This is the typical, basic fishing boat without extra amenities.

Featured Models

The Mod V and Deep V boats use all-welded aluminum hulls and are designed for recreational fishing. The 170 Pro Avenger Sport is also useful for skiing.

Fisher’s pontoon and deck boats range from 18 to 25 feet and work well for fishing or family recreation.

Fisher Boats also makes basic utility and Jon boats—either welded or riveted. These boats come in a wide range of sizes.


Fisher Boats makes a number of basic, inexpensive models. Customers who are interested in a no-frills model that will do the job for as little as possible, might consider Fisher their best option. The quality is fairly good, and the guarantees are reasonable. However, these boats are far from flashy. For a no-frills boat, this company offers good, affordable choices.

Popular Fisher Boat Models
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