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More than twenty years ago, a group of craftsmen started a new company with a simple mission—“to create the world’s finest bass boat.” At the least, Gambler Boats has successfully created some of the finest in the industry.

Some of the unique features of Gambler boats include the “raised flipping deck,” the “Hydrolock hull, “total attitude control,” and “double hull foam core construction.”

Gambler is a small company, but it is almost impossible not to appreciate the quality they produce.


  • Gambler boats is very careful in manufacturing. The process is divided into three stages that are separated in three buildings. The laminating building delivers the parts that the assembly building puts together. The final finish building installs the motors, interiors, and other assembly parts.
  • Most importantly, all of the Gambler boats go through careful quality control testing. No boat is signed off as complete unless it has completely and perfectly passed a water test.
  • The company has pioneered and perfected a number of new innovations in boat design and manufacturing.
  • All of the boats are very aerodynamic and impressive to look at. The interiors are also impressively comfortable, and every detail of the design has been thought through by experienced bass fishermen.


  • Relative to other boat companies, Gambler boats are typically more expensive. This is a premium brand.
  • Gambler makes only bass fishing boats. For other water sports, you will need to use a different company.
  • With only five available models, Gambler boats does not offer as many options as some competing companies.

Featured Manufacturers

Located in Groveland Florida, Gambler boats has a large manufacturing facility with a private test lake. The full name of the company is Gambler Bass Boats. You can find out more information at their website and even look at a number of their products. You can also request a free brochure.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these boats, you will need to purchase from a dealer.


One of the mottos for Gambler boats is “commitment to excellence.” For the bass fisherman looking for a premium quality boat, Gambler is one of the best options. It would be great if Gambler produced the same kind of quality for every other type of boat, but that doesn’t seem to be likely anytime in the near future.

Of course, the other drawback of these boats is the price. As one boater put it, these boats are the Ferraris! But as they say, you get what you pay for. If you are a bass fisher looking for excellence and willing to give up some money to find it, you won’t be disappointed with Gambler boats.

Popular Gambler Boat Models
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